Dental Technology

An ever-conscious consumer market has driven demand for aesthetic dentistry forward. Many people are very interested in whitening or bleaching their teeth.

Bleaching can be accomplished by means of two chemical processes. Differing concentrations of products can be used to obtain great results.

Our office uses two different systems for bleaching vital teeth. The first and most convenient system, Crest Whitestrips, is made by Crest. This system utilizes bleach impregnated into a moldable strip that is adapted to the teeth. Strips are usually worn up to two times a day for up to 30 minutes each application.

For teeth that have a difficult intrinsic stain, bleaching can more predictably reach a favorable result through overnight tray use. This process requires simple dental impressions to fabricate custom trays for the patient to use. The trays contain and hold the bleach solution to the tooth structure.

Many people are aware of in-office, one-hour bleaching procedures as presented on extreme-makeover television programming. We do not use this form of bleaching because independent research shows poor long-term results. Studies reinforce that the bleaching from in-office treatments with activating lights will relapse to or near pre-treatment shade within about one week.